Go to any town or city in Britain and you can travel backwards in time  Maybe these pages will help you understand the journey of man through the ages.


The Heritage of Britain

The Heritage of Britain possibly has had more influence on the rest of the world than that of any other country. The British Legal System is still the basis of the law in many great countries, a relic of colonial times maybe, but seen to be the best and kept intact. During the reign of Victoria more than half the map was 'coloured pink', and as a result English has become the second language of most of the world (not without a little help from our American friends it must be said). The Heritage of Britain has a story all of its own, and can and will be retold over and over again. From John O'Groats to Lands End, from Wales to East Anglia the natural and man-made attractions map the growth of civilisation in Britain.

Ancient Castles, stately homes, market towns all have their story to tell. The Christian Religion can be traced from the early monastic settlements, through Catholicism to the many post-reformation sects, whose places of worship still dominate the skyline of this amazing country. The Heritage of Britain must include not only, the buildings, but its people. Great Explorers searched the world to return with fantastic finds and the wisdom of other civilisations which so benefited Britain's People. The jet engine and the hovercraft were invented in this land, to name just two of the thousands of ideas which have so benefited mankind. Not for nothing is Britain's parliament known as the Mother of Parliaments. The British have enjoyed democracy for hundreds of years. Despite having a Monarchy, a Queen much respected at home and abroad, and all the trappings of Monarchy loved by all but the most bigoted republican, Britain can proudly state that it is ruled by the will of the people for good or ill,and more than that, has been a democracy for longer than any other country in the modern world. The Magna Carta and King John started the ball rolling and it has not stopped to this day. Britain's Heritage can be traced through millions of tiny steps, this site attempts to trace those steps.